An article claiming that Ray J voiced some intimate details about his sex life with ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, made it’s way to the viral world before Ray J could shut it down but the ‘I Hit It First’ singer is now trying to claim his name.

In the article, the writer claimed that Ray J stated Kim Kardashian will stop between intercourse to check her makeup or phone her mom and it wasn’t long before the article reached Kim herself. A fan who was confused as to why Ray J was still talking about Kim took to Twitter to ask the question, to which Kim replied saying Ray J is a pathological liar. Ray J’s wife, Princess Love, also jumped online to state that she’s also wondering why her husband, who is suppose to be in London promoting his new project, is still talking about his ex.

The article seemingly stirred trouble in paradise because following his wife’s comment, Ray J took to social media to deny the claims. According to Ray, he is completely focused on his wife and daughter and has no time to be spreading lies about Kim Kardashian.

The video of Ray J clearing his name can be viewed below.