St. Vincent and the Grenadines was expecting an increase in ports stop this year, a total increase of 3 cruises added SVG to their list of stops.

However, that slight increase just decreased by 1 due to an emergency on board the MV Britannia that was scheduled to dock in Kingstown today (November 8). The emergency resulted in the ship having to reroute back to Martinique although the cruise was already on their way here from St. Lucia. SVG would have been the MV Britannia’s third stop on this week’s cruise following the cruise’s first and second stop in Antigua and St. Lucia respectfully. The MV Crystal Symphony will be the next ship to dock in Kingstown and is scheduled to arrive on November 14.

Details about the emergency that consequently led to the reroute have not yet been given. Nevertheless, although the increase in cruises making their way to SVG has only increased slightly, an increase is still an increase and we anticipate even more next year.