Kanye West was trying to be a bit holy on Tuesday by posting a religious quote on his Twitter account, but the rapper shared a bit more than he intended to.

The religious quote asking Jesus for forgiveness, came with an extra exhibit of why Kanye may need God’s forgiveness. The post which was a screenshot of the quote in Kanye’s gallery, sported a few photos at the bottom of the screenshot. One of which was his son, Saint standing near a pool and the other, his wife in her underwear taking a sexy picture for her husband. When you zoom into the since-deleted tweet, Kin can be seen posing in what appears to be a closet mirror taking the photo.

Although, Kim in underwear isn’t nothing the web is new to, a half nude picture that was intended to just be for her man’s eyes is surely in more demand than her regular half nude shots. The duo probably weren’t too pleased that the world got a glimpse of their private shot hence the swift take down but maybe Kanye just took it down because it goes against the message the intended religious message.

Kanye’s post can be viewed below.

A zoomed shot of Kanye’s post can be viewed below.