Wildfires that took over 14,000 acres of land in California claimed Caitlyn Jenner’s Malibu home in the process.

Caitlyn’s Malibu home was the main feature of her reality show since she moved in there back in 2015. The home cost Caitlyn $3.5 million back in 2015, and even featured a glam room, something Caitlyn admitted to wanting since she was younger. Interior designer James Hernandez designed the home years before Caitlyn moved in but he shared that the reality star and former Olympian kept the design of the house intact. Karashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, had to evacuate their families from their California homes as well when the wildfire began to grow.

A post made by the West family showed an areal view of the fire as they fled California. A tweet made by Kanye, reassured the public that his family is safe but the status on their Hidden Hills, California home has still not been updated.