Caribbean Export issued an invitation for Kimya Glasgow to participate in the International Fashion Festival that took place in Barbados from October 25-28 and attending the event seemed to be have been very beneficial for the Vincentian fashion designer.

The event which was co-hosted by the prestigious Liberty Fairs of New York, in conjunction with Barbados Investment and Development Corporation, Caribbean Export and the Caribbean Market Center was held at the Queens Park Gallery where the designers exhibited their pieces. The event that highlighted fashion as an art form, also consisted of the designers participating in a fashion industry workshop which was led by 8 industry leaders from New York. At the end of the event, the panel selected 2 designers they believe possess international potential, among the two was our very own, Kimya Glasgow. Kimya will be given the opportunity to have a private consultation with the international consultants to discuss funding, marketing and manufacturing solutions and possible projects that could be beneficial to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the long term as a fashion and tourism destination.

As a result of this initiative, Ms. Glasgow is currently in talks with 2 boutique buyers in Barbados. Ms. Glasgow said “This was a great opportunity for my brand and by extension St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Vincentian fashion industry must embrace export in order to be sustainable. Fashion is an employer of persons at all skill levels and includes not just garment construction or art but marketing, IT, finance, and so much more.”