50 Cent is the father of two sons but has declared that he has a 3rd son, Tekashi 6ix9ine, as unlikely as the validity of the claim may be, there seems to be a bit of father-son issues brewing between the two.

The two have been putting on a show online for fans with this father-son joke but Tekashi is starting to act like that rebellious son that 50 wished he didn’t have. In a since deleted post, Tekashi claimed that he will mess 50 up. Being the no nonsense father 50 is, he let the world know that he will definitely discipline his son. 50 responded to Tekashi’s rant by saying, “Aww fuck they are turning my son against me,” wrote the New York legend. “I told him I’ll slap the color out his hair, then knock the tattoos off his face but I didn’t mean it. You know he thinks he’s me smh I wasn’t this bad before I sold 30 million records.”

50 Cent also recently trolled Tekashi 6ix9ine after seeing his latest face tattoos. The two New York rappers have a very complicated relationship, after previously collaborating on a song called ‘Get The Strap’. 50 was also one of the first major artists to publicly show his support for Tekashi 6ix9ine, following his controversial past, and also refers to the ‘Bebe’ rapper as his son. Meanwhile, Tekashi 6ix9ine is preparing to release his new project ‘Dummy Boy’, which will drop on 23rd November.

Tekashi’s post and 50 Cent’s response can be viewed below.