Serena Williams and her sister, Venus, have been dealing with Transgender insults for years now as a result of their athletic built and Serena just landed on the cover of a magazine that’s seemingly trolling her Trans insults.

GQ announced yesterday that Serena Williams was the “Woman Of The Year” and one of four honorees to be featured on the cover of GQ’s 23rd-annual Men of the Year issue. However, the magazine’s cover has sparked a controversy on social media, as critics have questioned why “Woman” was in quotes. Fans are trying to create an outrage over the cover failed to realize that the typography was handwritten by Virgil Abloh, who frequently uses quotation marks in his work. Even after this was pointed out, some were still offended by the cover.

“That context definitely helps – it’s definitely off putting especially for an athlete who has been critiqued for not being womanly/not a real woman in all sorts of racist and problematic ways,” one twitter user wrote. Another tweeted, “I can’t believe no one at GQ thought perhaps with misogynistic and violent trans insults that Serena (and Venus) have dealt with for the last almost 20 years, to not put woman in quotation marks. Editorial rooms are a f—— disaster, all over this country. I’m offended for her.”

A post showing the cover can be viewed below.