A video of Jill Scott performing earlier in the year made it’s way onto the viral platform recently and Amber Rose is absolutely loving it.

Jill has been around the industry for a long time and she doesn’t really care what people think of her at this stage of her career. She’ll get as suggestive as she wants during her stage show, which was evidenced in the clip. For 45-seconds, she passionately mimicked oral sex on her microphone, stroking the audio device with her hands and making sexual movements with her tongue. She even commented on the video on social media, encouraging people to “cum” to her shows. Amber Rose, a former exotic dancer, was clearly impressed with the display because she wants to head over to Scott’s house in a microphone costume.

The entertainer posted a meme on Instagram writing, “Me at Jill Scott’s house” with a photo of somebody dressed as a microphone laying on the floor. She tagged the singer in the post, making sure she sees it when she logs on. Her fans stormed the comment section in droves, sending mass amounts of laughing emojis. Amber made sure to note that the two have history in Philadelphia, using a “#phillygirls” hashtag.

Amber’s post can be viewed below.

Jill Scott’s performance can be viewed below.