A rumor dating back to 2005 which claims that Beenie Man was the mastermind behind Boogle’s death resurfaced recently and Elephant Man is keeping the fire lit this time.

In Elephant’s new diss track, he brought up the topic by saying, “Me nah talk, a try me no waan talk, me nah talk, the truth ago hurt them if me start talk, me nah talk say them say yo kill Mr. Wacky, me nah talk you no member you forgot it.” Elephant Man also addressed other persons in the music industry but his shot at Beenie definitely stood out. It is unclear what resumed Elephant Man’s beef with Beenie Man but the ‘King Of The Dance Hall’ is yet to respond to the shade thrown his way.

Elephant man later responded to sound system selector Ricky Trooper’s accusations that he is a thief in his new track. “Licky licky Trooper me and you a no size, everything you said are fabricated lies, me no a fi talk about these roaches and flies, me left Tony Matterhorn fi jook out yo eyes,” Ele stated. Elephant Man clearly had to get a few things off his chest.