Mavado released one of his latest songs, Big Like Jesus, last month and Kartel refuses to take the song seriously.

Vybz commented under a picture of Mavado’s art work for his song and tagged TJ Records so they can laugh together. In the artwork, Mavado is represented as Jesus but he has since deleted all posts of the artwork possibly due to the mass of negative comments that were under the picture. When asked about the record, Mavado explained, “Is it me being in the image or the image itself?” he wrote. “It’s Halloween season we dress up our kids and houses is all form of devil representations and it’s ok? I have been representing for God ever since I was a child until my last breath so I will forever represent for him, even the Christians are scared to represent for God now when last you see someone knock at your door telling you to come to church they scared to get shot.”

Whatever his reason for taking this step, Kartel is surely having a good laugh after watching his rival be swarmed with negativity. Kartel’s comment can be viewed below.

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#vybzkartel trolling #mavado now 😂😂

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