Tommy Lee Sparta returned to court last week Wednesday to face charges on his ongoing lottery scam case. During the hearing, a police forensic expert testified in court in support of the DPP case against Tommy Lee Sparta. Detective Corporal Campbell told the court that he discovered files on a laptop belonging to the dancehall star which contained personal information about United States nationals.

Campbell claims that the identity of about 1001 persons living in New York, California, Florida, Virginia & Connecticut were found in a partition located on the computer’s external hard drive. 5000 more were found on the laptop. According to Campbell, it was the area codes of the phone numbers on the files helped him figure out the location of these individuals.

Tommy Lee Sparta, whose real name is Leroy Russell, and three other persons were arrested in February of 2014 and charged with breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transaction) (Special Provisions) Act, 2013. Charges against two of the men were later dropped after cops could not provide sufficient evidence linking them to the crime. If found guilty of his charges, he can spend years in prison.

Tommy Lee maintains that he is innocent and says that he makes his money from being a dancehall artist.

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