This may sound like a weird statement, but Tupac is coming out with something new. The late rapper’s estate announced that Pac would be releasing some mysterious project this month!

Unfortunately, the rapper’s estate left a lot to the imagination. The announcement, which was made on Instagram on Tuesday (Nov. 20), shows a single image of the hip-hop legend with the year “1998” in quotation marks. The image’s caption also directs fans to a website “to be the first to know,” but there are no other instructions or details listed.

While the contents of the release is still up in the air, the post is likely teasing new music. New tunes would seem plausible, seeing as though Pac’s estate recently won a lawsuit over unpaid royalties. The lawsuit dates back to 2003, when Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur sued Entertainment One to recover her son’s unreleased music. The drawn-out case came to a close in Oct. 2018, after Tupac’s estate won, securing rights the his music. Reports claim the estate now owns the rights to two to three unreleased albums worth well over six figures.

Fans won’t have to wait long to find out what is about to come. The mysterious project will be released on Nov. 27. Stay tuned.

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