In April of 2016, the T&T Gymnastic Federation denied Thema Williams the opportunity of competing in the Rio Olympic test event, handing the opportunity to Canadian-based Marissa Dick instead.

Two years after she opened a lawsuit against the federation, Thema Williams is walking away victorious!

Williams sued the federation for millions of dollars for loss of earnings as a result of being denied the opportunity, she was only awarded TT$200,000. Of the TT$200,000, TT$150,000 goes towards exemplary damages for the embarrassment of losing a once in a lifetime opportunity and TT$50,000 for the earnings she would have acquired for being the first person in T&T to compete in an Olympic gymnastic event.

Although the judge, Justice Frank Seepersad acknowledged that the federation was biased against Thema, he claimed that no evidence showed that it was a conspiracy.