Nicki Minaj has been named as the recipient of a lawsuit from Cahuenga Inc. for not fulfilling her end of an appearance deal for the company during the NBA All-Star Weekend in 2011. Cahuenga stated that they paid $53,000 to the rap star but she showed up 90 minutes late to the appearance and left less than 30 minutes after she arrived.

For months though, their numerous attempts to serve Nicki has been futile and the company claims that their staff has “been regularly prevented from effectuating such service by Defendant’s bodyguards and personal security.”

Nicki’s tour also played a part in hindering the process, “As Defendant is perpetually ‘on tour’ traveling, or alternatively staying in various hotel rooms rather than a fixed location,” Cahuenga stated in court documents. “Plaintiff has been unable to identify a specific location that can be defined as Defendant’s actual place of business.”

As a result of this, Cahuenga went to Nicki’s home, where they met her mother and served her with the lawsuit instead. The company later received a call from a lawyer, claiming that Maraj is not allowed to accept the service, however, Cahuenga is petitioning a judge to authorize it or allow them more time to find Nicki.