Tyrese has won his child support case against ex-wife Norma Gibson after a judge determined that he doesn’t have to pay any additional child support for “non-work” errands, babysitting fees and fees that involves running Norma’s household.

Tyrese, who has been quite vocal about expressing his anger on the $13K monthly child support payments, protested against it in court after Norma admitted that she used a babysitter because she was busy “living life.”

The judge has decided that Tyrese is only required to pay for childcare services during work-related activities, such as her life coaching business and writing her book. To avoid confusion, Tyrese requested a detailed list of Norma’s day to day activities, to which the judge agreed, suggesting that Norma “maintain a diary of time spent on work.”

The couple shares an 11-year-old daughter, Shayla Gibson.