Rapper Young Thug is being sued for an outstanding jewelry bill by Icebox Diamonds & Watches.

According to Icebox, Thug received more than $200,000 worth og jewelry under the condition that he’d pay for it at a later date but from may 2017 to may of this year, they have only received $95,000 of the money owed.

The pieces Thug acquired from Icebox includes a $30,000 Rolex, $20,000 Cartier bracelet, $30,000 diamond wallet chain.

Last month, the company’s lawyer issued a letter to Thug demanding that he pay off the balance in full.
“We told him if he did not respond, or at least get back to us to discuss the debt, within 30 days, we would sue him,” attorney Matthew Parrish told AJC; but despite the warning, Thug has allegedly not responded.

Icebox is now seeking a total of about $365,000: That’s for the outstanding balance plus $250,000 in punitive damages and legal fees.