2018 has been the biggest year for breakout rapper Cardi B and Migos hubby Offset but 2019 just might be even bigger!

Offset hinted, in an interview with the New York Times, that the two were possibly working on an album together.
“We haven’t even dropped an album yet,” he said when discussing working with his wife in the future. “That’s a whole other realm.”

Offset also gushed about Cardi B’s influence in him as a man and as an artist.
“I’d seen her potential, her vision, her grind. Whatever she does, she’s going to master it,” he explained. “She’s like me. She brings excitement and pressure to me, but I like that. She’s No. 1, so every time I’m hitting the charts, I’ve got to be Top 10.”

The joint album will come after the release of Offset’s debut solo album, which is to be released on December 14th.