Cardi B, yesterday, skipped out on her first scheduled court appearance, for an attack on two bartenders at the Angels Strip Club named Jade and Baddie Gi, in August.

The judge presiding on the case is threatening to jail the rapper of she fails to make her next court appearance, scheduled for December 7th.
“You should inform her that if she doesn’t show up to the arraignment on December 7, that unless the circumstances change, then it’s very likely the court will issue a bench warrant for her arrest,” Judge Scott Dunn reportedly said

Cardi’s lawyer, Jeff Kern apologized for her absence, saying she had a commitment.
“I can tell you my client knew of the date, but there was a previously standing commitment for today and tomorrow,” he reportedly said.

Cardi turned herself in to authorities back in October, after being accused of organizing the attack on the two bartenders. Jade was accused of having an affair with Cardi’s husband, Offset of Migos fame. The women are reportedly seeking legal action after being injured in the attack.