Nothing is off limits when you’re a celebrity caught up in a case where you’re being accused for transmitting Herpes to someone of the same sex, Usher’s seemingly learning this the hard way.

An anonymous male who claims to have had sex with Usher at a Koreatown spa in LA is requesting that the court order Usher to hand over his medical records as well as any settlements Usher allegedly gave to former lovers after transmitting the virus to them. The man claimed that Usher refused to hand over the information and tried to invoke attorney-client privilege and physician-patient privilege, meaning he wouldn’t have to hand over the records.

Usher also allegedly refused to answer the question as to whether or not he has made settlements with former lovers but his alleged male sex partner is arguing that Usher’s refusal to answer is unfair given the rumors. The mystery man claims that it has been, “widely reported that Defendant has settled similar claims through the years.” The anonymous male joins Quantasia Sharpton and an anonymous female who both claim to have had sex with Usher which resulted in them contracting the virus after Usher failed to disclose that he had the virus. All three of the self-proclaimed victims are seeking an undisclosed settlement.