Jamaican singer and now the reigning champion of UK’s X Factor, Dalton Harris, is currently counting down the days before he gets sent back to his homeland despite his commendable victory.

Dalton’s UK celebration has to be cut short because his visa does not permit him to be in the UK much longer. Dalton explained that the visa he possessed only permitted him to be in the UK for the duration of the competition, not anytime after. Although he has completed the competition, landed the grand prize of a record contract with Syco Records and has received an initial advance of £150,000 for his first album, Dalton must reapply for a new Visa if he wants to return to the UK.

The singer explained the process he must undergo in a statement saying, “I need to get a new visa. I will have to leave the UK for a bit as you’re not allowed to just stay for ever. Hopefully my visa will be sorted out quickly. I had a visa that allowed me to compete in the show, so I’d be surprised if the government didn’t give me one now I have won.” Fans are all rooting for his visa renewal since he will not be allowed to performing on the upcoming tour or begin working on his first album if he doesn’t receive his new visa.