Nicki Minaj fans along with the rest of Cardi B’s millions of followers viewed her recent post about Offset and her calling quits on their relationship but the Barbz are very excited for the bad news.

Bad news for Cardi B counts as a win for Nicki Minaj, in their eyes at least. Nicki’s swarm of fans took to Twitter to make fun of Cardi’s break up saying that all Cardi really had going for her was that she had a man and Nicki Minaj. One fan of Nicki Minaj tweeted, “Member when y’all said Nicki was jealous of Cardi because Cardi was ‘married’ and had a baby before her? Now look Cardi a single mother & has her first divorce all before 30… having a kid and a man doesn’t make u better than the next female!” Other tweets shaded Cardi’s fans themselves, with one imagining them looking for new insults to sling at Nicki.

Meanwhile, other tweets simply imagined Nicki sitting unbothered as she watched her foe deal with the dissolution of her relationship — or outright celebrating. Incensed Cardi fans returned their slights with equal aplomb, with one tweeting: “Nicki Kinaj fans are literal vermin…they think Cardi and Offset breaking up is somehow a win for them.”

Some of the fan tweets can be viewed below.