Princess Love, Ray J’s wife, may have just aired a bit too much of their private life when she told the world that her man is having a bit of trouble getting his baby maker to get up in bed.

In a recent interview, Princess and Ray along with their beautiful 5 months old daughter, Melody, sat down to talk about that plans they have for their future and if they plan to extend their small family. When asked if having more kids is on the table of discussion, Princess swiftly replied that she does in fact want more kids but her man just can’t seem to get it up lately. Whether Ray J was shocked that his wife told his secret or he was just going along with the “joke” is unclear given his confusing facial reaction on the interview’s tape but he quickly denied not being able to please his wife in bed. Overall, Princess’ admission comes across as a potential cry for help when she mentioned that they’ve only had sex three times so Melody won’t be getting a sibling soon because couples need to have sex in order to reproduce.

The admission comes just days after yet another Ray J and Kim Kardashian old sex tape was leaked, and apparently he could have gotten it up back then.
A clip of the interview can be viewed below.