Cardi B alerted the world through her Instagram page late Tuesday night (December 4) that she and her husband of just over a year, Offset, have call quits on their relationship because they “fell out of love,” but rumors of Offset’s infidelity being the real reason behind the split were quick to rise.

An alleged mistress of the Migos member, Summer Bunni, sent a tearful apology video to TMZ stating that she was rather remorseful for possibly causing Cardi and Offset’s marriage to dissolve. The 20-year-old Instagram model was allegedly one of the young women Offset tried to have a threesome with and according to her she didn’t know their marriage was “that serious.” “I have not messed with Offset since he had his baby, I didn’t know how serious this marriage was,” the young woman said during the apology video, “I kind of read, I kind of see things. It took until today to actually get into this, seeing everything.”

Later on, she starts to cry and offers and apology to the “Money” MC. She also states that while some women would brag about their high-profile sexual conquest, she feels rather ashamed to be part of the situation. “A lot of girls would just deal with this situation and just be like ‘Yo, I took Cardi B’s n***a,’ or Ii’m the reason they’re getting a divorce…’ I feel ashamed… To Cardi B and her fans and her family and to her situation, these was never my intentions. I never wanted to break up a happy home, to be the cause of someone just saying ‘f**k it.'” While Summer hasn’t spoken to Cardi since the news of the split spread, she wants to assure her that she’s a “genuine person” who wasn’t trying to mess up her marriage. “I’m sorry I didn’t think about my worth as a young lady,” she concludes. “I just hope she can overcome this… I know her and Offset actually do have love for each other.”