Buju Banton’s return to Jamaica brings not only excitement to his fans & friends and is of high interest for media houses, but is also a major topic for scammers, clickbait pages & youtube channels.

Numerous posts, shares and re-uploads of the few photos and videos of Buju’s return show the huge interest. But at the same time dishonest people are already trying to benefit from the excitement about Buju’s return selling fake tickets, dubplates, interviews, etc.

Now, Buju Banton and his management team issued a statement to fight these dark sides of popularity:

Nevertheless some interesting information was shared by Buju Banton’s close friend and former manager, Donovan Germain, during his interview on saturday with Winford Williams @ OnStage TV. He confirmed that Jamaica will see the first Buju Banton concert, which is planned for end of March 2019.