Nicki Minaj rapped about the world “needing” rappers like her earlier this year, but the Grammys seem to differ.

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Rap,’ has not been nominated for any Grammy awards this year, while her competition, Cardi B, landed five. Nicki Minaj fans, who have been loudly celebrating Cardi’s breakup, are seemingly quiet on this topic, but other onlookers have been quick to troll the rapper. A Twitter user went as far as suggesting a change of lane for the performing artist in a tweet reading, “It’s time for Nicki to hang up the mic and pick up the turntables so she can dj on her radio show because that’s all she’s good for now. The Grammys just confirmed it.”

Another Twitter user pointed out an ironic scenario that might actually be likely, writing, “Bradley Cooper is gonna win a Grammy before Nicki Minaj.” Some tweets directed to Nicki’s lack of Grammy nominations can be viewed below.