Iggy Azalea, a 28 year-old rapper from Australia has been going through an online and semi-physical feud with 15 year-old Bhad Bhabie, an American rapper but Bhabie may have just crossed the line.

Bhad Bhabie was in Australia taking part in a Q&A session with her fans when one of them asked who is her celeb rival, another fan shouted Iggy’s name while Bhad was trying to think of a worthy response. When Bhad heard Iggy’s name, she quickly responded, “That’s not even really a celebrity,” giving way for the crowd to burst out in laughter. Not only did Bhad throw a shot at Iggy by saying she’s not even really a celebrity, she did so in Iggy’s home country, making the jab 10 times harder.

Iggy is yet to respond to Bhad’s comment, but she recently issued a statement saying she refuses to argue with a 15 year-old. Bhad’s hate towards Iggy stems from a comment Iggy made under a make-up artist’s post on Twitter where she asked who will be attending Bhad Bhabie’s show to which Iggy replied, “Are you?” When Bhad saw Iggy’s response she replied, “You should come through so you can see what a sold out show looks like.” The feud got physical once they met up at an event which resulted in Bhad throwing a drink at Iggy who refused to budge.