Future Jr, at 4 years old, has been up and down America, travelling between his mom and his dad but according to Ciara it’s all in vain because her son doesn’t even get to spend much time with his dad.

Ciara believes that her ex, Future, is partially neglecting their shared son by just dropping him off by his grandma’s house and picking him back up when it’s time to take him back to Ci. Ciara isn’t here for that, although spending time with his grandma is important, Ci believes that Future Jr deserves to spend more time with his father himself. Ciara also issued in her statement that Future sometimes misses scheduled visits and the constant travelling is weighing heavily on their son.

If Future refuses to sit with Ciara and a judge to sort the visiting issue out properly, Ci can take the case to trial and have it publicly dealt with. Ciara is asking Future to find more time between touring, interviews and traveling to find some time to spend with his son, which isn’t too much to ask for.