CARDI recently collaborated with SVG’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labor to host an exhibition dedicated to their 2018 theme- “Celebrating the potential of the region’s coconut industry.”

The exhibition showcased numerous ways in which a coconut can be reinvented and was held on December 5th at the old treasury building site. The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute’s (CARDI) overall aim is this year is to highlight the Institute’s work under the EU-ACP funded Regional Coconut Industry Development Project. While speaking at the exhibition, CARDI’s SVG representative, Gregory Linton explained that the exhibition’s purpose is to help Vincentians see some of the practical ways that the EU-ACP funded project is utilizing coconut and adding value to one of the region’s oldest industries.

Chair of the National Stakeholder Platform, Alpheus Nanton, said the group was established on July 14th, 2015. “We are a group of entrepreneurs who are willing to develop” the coconut industry in St. Vincent. Nanton stressed that coconut is more than just soap and oil and there are lots of different things that can be made from it. The industry is very old, he stated, and it is “time for us to do a replanting from the North to the South.”