Wendy Williams opened earlier this year about her latest medical woes when she was diagnosed with Graves Disease and now the TV host believes that she and Michael Jordan are alike because she was a hairline fracture.

On a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy took the stage sporting a sling on her right arm and explained that she’s been in and out of the doctor’s office the previous day which ultimately resulted in her not taping that day. Fans started to notice some irregular behavior from the media personality as people pointed out how she’s been sitting down for nearly the entirety of her shows. Usually, Wendy likes to interact with the crowd. It got so intense that she decided to address the situation, pointing out that she recently suffered some health issues.

“I have a hair[line] fracture on my right shoulder,” said Williams. She told the crowd that there was no way she could have done the show yesterday as she was in and out of doctor’s offices, trying to get right. According to her doctors, she won’t need an operation but she’s still taking precautions as her arm was in a sling during the show. She also addressed why she’s been sitting more often than usual during filming, telling fans that she “busts [her] ass” every day behind the scenes so she’ll sit down if she wants to. She went on to compare her situation to Michael Jordan and his famous “flu game,” saying, “Remember when [Michael] Jordan had the flu and he played that championship game and then after the game he passed out… I’m not running so hard anymore.”