Cardi B made it clear on social media and in performances that she and her husband, Offset, are broken up but that doesn’t mean that the young rap artist doesn’t have needs.

Cardi B recently expressed during a Live video on Instagram that she misses having sex with her husband and we’re positive that Offset wouldn’t turn down the request if Cardi tells him to come through given that he went to Rolling Loud to publicly apologize to his wife with $15,000 worth of roses. In her recently Live post, Cardi let all her viewing fans know that she wants Offset to “demolish” her, among other things. Sipping coffee, Cardi expressed her longing for sex with her husband, despite their recent breakup.

“I miss it…a lot,” she told her followers before continuing to reveal her sexual desires in graphic detail. “I want it…in my throat…inside of me…demolishing me…destroying me,” she added before grabbing some more coffee.

Cardi’s Live post can be viewed below.

Offset’s public apology can be viewed below.

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