‘Brown Skin’ seems to be a thing of the past for the Wurl’ Boss who recently posted some photos of himself leading the media to believe Kartel has put down the bleaching cream.

The photos Kartel posted on his Instagram were taken from his annual family Christmas visit and the dance hall legend is seen sporting his naturally dark skin tone in the pictures. Kartel has been lightening his skin behind bars but as of recently some things changed allowing these new circumstances to be considered as potential reasons why the ‘Cake Soap’ boss has decided to put down the soap. One of those reasons being that his 17 year-old son had started to follow in his father’s footsteps and picked up skin bleaching, maybe the Wurl’ Boss stopped bleaching to set an example to his son in hopes that his son will follow suit.

Also, his longterm music partner, Spice, recently put out a hit song which focuses on loving black skin, so maybe Kartel’s new motion is in support of his friend. His reason is yet to be revealed but the Wurl’ Boss is assuring fans that the color of his skin doesn’t stop anything, especially his ability to get girls.

Kartel’s response to a fan can be viewed below.