The Men In Black franchise is far from over as they’re gearing up to release their forth film, Men In Black: International, and as the name suggests, the latest aliens ad suits mashup is extending headquarters and going across worldwide borders.

The new Men In Black will star Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, seems like Will Smith was caught up with his other movie reboots and will not be getting screenplay on the new MIB. The movie, which comes out next June will feature, among other actors, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson and will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who also directed the Straight Outta Compton movie and, most recently, The Fate Of The Furious.

This time around, the aliens look better than ever and the action will expand across the whole world. Apparently the MIB agency is not just in New York, according to Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram post of the alternate trailer: “You thought MIB started in NYC? Guess again, there’s a whole international branch. The world is bigger than you thought!!”

The trailer can be viewed below.