Last year – in honor of the silhouette’s 20th anniversary – the Swoosh teamed up with Swarovski to release a crystal-infused take on the revered Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet”. Fittingly, this luxurious creation came with an inflated $400 price tag, as its speed bullet train-inspired racing stripes now donned opulent swathes of the luxury jewelry brand’s proprietary Crystal Fabric. Now just a day after Christmas, Swarovski and the Swoosh are back together once again to luxe up the second most popular OG Air Max 97 color scheme, “Metallic Gold”. While the first pairing will likely be held at a higher regard due to its originality and just being the first in general, the only thing more elegant than shimmering silver is monarchial gold. The kicks will retail for $400 and will be released on December 26.

The kicks can be viewed below.