Earlier this year, Chris ‘Breezy’ Brown took home a pet monkey from Fiji and allowed his daughter, Royalty, to play with the exotic animal but he may end up spending 6 months in prison for the gesture.

Numerous police reports were made from onlookers and sure enough after the police investigated the situation, Breezy did not have a permit to own the animal and consequently, he had to give up the monkey. As if making his daughter say goodbye to her new pet wasn’t enough, authorities have officially issued a court date for Chris, where he will find out if he will be spending time behind bars yet again. At least this time, it isn’t for domestic violence. Brown is due in court on February 6, and hopefully, he’s only hit with a few fines.

Although the exotic creatures can be purchased as pets in many countries, the laws in the United States require an owner to have a proper permit to own the animal, Chris was probably unaware of that when he flew the monkey over.