Ellen DeGeneres Show, America’s Got Talent and Showtime at the Apollo are just a few places the Melisizwe Brothers have been recognized for their musical talent and on February 2nd, the Russells Auditorium will host the talented trio.

The brothers, Marc (15 years old), Seth (12 years old) and Zacary (11 years old) are the sons of Mark and Sherry James of Fair Hall and have been successfully taking on the music industry for most of their lives. The brothers shot to fame after their popular cover video of the song “I’ll be there” (by the Jackson 5) gained over 60 Million views worldwide with a huge concentration in Brazil South America, the united states, Europe, and Africa. Their performance at the Russells Auditorium on February 2nd is scheduled to begin at 7 pm.

The Brothers are Unique in that Zacary, the youngest who is 11yrs old , is the leader of the band vocally and musically displaying amazing capabilities and have been compared to the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder all three brothers play multiple instruments at a very high level their musical journey started at around four years of age at the Leduc School of Music where they were identified for their giftedness , they were immediately fast tracked into various music programs studying piano and singing and then adding other instruments of interest.