Porn Star, Brittney Jones, Trey Songz’ alleged ex-mistress, dropped some ultrasound pictures on her Instagram claiming that Trey and her are expecting, but fans are less than welcoming of the news.

In Brittney’s first post, she captioned an ultrasound picture saying, ‘I see some of Treys fans woke up happy this morning. Let me kill that real quick. lmao,’ and she explained that Trey Songz and her came together out of necessity because they couldn’t get the kink out of their system with their partners. Brittney went on to post another ultrasound photo after fans refused to believe what she was saying. “Trey fans say I made it with a App but how does a app change the actual photo,” Jones explained on Instagram. “And I spelt my own name wrong. Lmao.” Jones would later claim to a 3rd unposted ultrasound she’d be willing to provide if push comes to shove.

What makes this pregnancy claim all the more dubious, is how overtly sinister her intentions seem to be. Brittney Jones clearly has a bone to pick with Trey Songz, so long as he’s settling down with that special someone, signaling a definitive end to “Pimper’s Paradise.” Trey does not seem to take Brit’s claims seriously either since all he’s posted is laughing emojis.