Cardi B has undoubtedly had a successful 2018 and the rapper is already making moves to ensure that 2019 is just as successful.

Cardi is already catching flight after flight to perform at New Years events across the globe and in between flights and performing, she took some time to go live on her Instagram to assure fans that she is trying her best to work towards releasing a new album around the same time her first album (which is now 2x platinum, with every track being certified at least gold). Her first album, Invasion of Privacy, was released in April of last year, and with Cardi’s busy schedule, pulling off another album drop in the time space is definitely a close call.

Regardless of whether or not Cardi will be able to drop her next album in April, her loyal fans are still busy enjoying her ‘Money’ music video which was released a few weeks ago. A deluxe album to Invasion of Privacy is also set to be released this year, so Bardi Gang has a lot to look out for in 2019.

Cardi’s live video can be viewed below.