In March of 2018, Usher’s home was burglarized and $800,000 worth of goods were stolen and the suspect burglar was recently caught with goods worth over $2 million.

The suspect, who had been living large off all his stolen items, allegedly told family members that his come up came from doing well in the stock market. Meanwhile, he was sitting on millions in stolen goods and now he’s sitting in a jail cell. Reports show that among the stolen items, authorities recovered possessions that belonged to a Real Housewives star as well, who is yet to be named. The burglar had a method, according to investigators, he would attend open houses for homes that were on the market, and scope out the environment including entrances and floor plans. Then, he would break into the homes later with the knowledge of how to move around in the spot. Touring or travel schedules and social media posts were also used to help the burglar coordinate when celebrities would be out of town.

The report of the arrest is good news to Usher who is currently going through a divorce with his wife of three years and is still being accused of giving women and men an STD. Usher has been dormant as of recent but still manages to make headlines.

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