In her new release, Calypso Rose recommends a dose of “Young Boy,” to a woman released from a marriage full of stress and strife. With the help of Machel Montano, she weaves a tale of the tryst between older women and younger men and explores the thrills of being with a young, energetic fella. After all, “the younger the youth, the stronger the juice.”

Like lovers meeting up for a perfect rendezvous, the Calypso queen and Soca king continue to bring these two genres together, intertwining the mature and seasoned Calypso vibe with the young, robust and virile Soca flavor, very much like the sentiments expressed in the lyrics of the song between a mature woman and her young lover. Rose & Double M have indeed struck gold again with yet another ageless and timeless fusion.

The production behind the Young Boy is also a fusion of masterminds. Originally produced by platinum producer Ivan Duran, the track was further refined by one of the Caribbean’s top production houses – Kubiyashi Productions, mixed by Grammy-award winning engineer Dave Pensado and peppered with lyrics written by Skinny Fabulous, for Machel Montano.

Check out Young Boy below: