During a September 2018 appearance on The Ellen Show, supermodel Heidi Klum admitted Drake was “basically a week too late” when asking her out for a date.

Shortly before the 6 God made his move, the Project Runway host was introduced to her now-fiancé Tom Kaulitz. Rather than explain to Drake what was going on, Klum just stopped responding. Klum returned to Ellen this week and said she actually tried to apologize to Drake — but the Toronto superstar wasn’t really receptive. In fact, he didn’t even respond to Klum with actual words at the time. He simply fired off an emoji. “I said I’m sorry, because I know I made a huge wave after I was here, and he just made that face,” Klum told host Ellen DeGeneres while mimicking the emoji Drake sent.

“That’s all he responded? Oh, he’s mad.” DeGeneres replied.Drake reportedly text Klum to ask her if she’d be interested in going out with him. That’s when the trouble began. While speaking to DeGeneres in September, Klum explained how Drake got her number in the first place. “Someone who I know knows him and he asked to have my number and then he texted me,” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so weird!’ but then I never texted him back because I found the love of my life.” Ellen asked, “Wait, so he texted you and you didn’t even respond?” “No,” Klum said. “I mean, what do you do?” She added, “You snooze you lose, you know what I mean?”