A recent survey done by Systematic Marketing and Research Services Inc in SVG revealed that Hot 97.1 FM continues to dominate SVG’s radio scene for yet another year and this year the margin between Hot 97.1 FM and the other radio stations has grown even larger. In 2014 Hot97.1FM commanded 28% of the overall listeners but in 2018 that share has grown to 35%.

The survey revealed that 37% of daytime radio listeners in SVG were tuned into Hot 97.1 FM, with the second most popular station having 16% (NBC Radio) and the third most popular station having 15% (Nice Radio).

Hot 97.1 FM also dominated the most important radio segment, morning drive time with 41% of the overall audience. In the all-important sector for advertisers, the under 35 age group, Hot97.1FM commanded 54% overall of this key demographic and a massive 60% of the under 35 age group morning drive listeners.

The station manager, Luke Boyea, credited the continued popularity of the station to a dedicated team, forward thinking, originality and boldness. When asked about the failure of the new entrants to make any meaningful impact in the market Boyea was scathing of their practice of copying everything 97 – “how do they sleep at night – they copy the time we play the national anthem, they copy our top of the hour jingles, they copy when we stop playing top of the hour jingles, they copy each shift on Sunday, etc, etc, so the big idea was actually to try and recruit as many Hot97.1 staff as possible and just copy us en masse, wow, that’s it!”. Boyea went on to say that Hot97.1 has maintained a progressive stance on many of the issues that have largely been taboo within our society, “sometimes in SVG we are afraid to acknowledge reality, leaving things to be unsaid, we have tried to break this and have an honest discussion about those topics often deemed off limits. It hasn’t always made us popular but it has given us respect” Boyea stated.

Almost 15 straight years dominating the radio market has clearly been no accident or fluke but Boyea says that the station is far from complacent and will continue to set the agenda going forward and the company is actively exploring new media opportunities in the not too distant future while continuing to raise the bar in concerts, mass events and more niche events. Boyea stated the team is anxious to take an even greater role in Carnival but acknowledges that Carnival politics are delicate and need careful consideration.