#MuteRKelly has become a hot topic on and offline in the recent days giving credit to the docu-series ‘Surviving R Kelly,’ but although the series is focused on the wrongs of Kelly, Kendrick Lamar and Tamar Braxton are also feeling a bit of the heat.

Kendrick Lamar is being pulled into fire for his previous urging towards Spotify to put R Kelly’s music back on their streaming service, and although this took place way before the release of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ the media was quick to dig the facts back up and now they’re asking Lamar why he’s so silent this time around.

A few tweets directed to Kendrick can be viewed below.

Tamar Braxton on the other hand, made her input following the release of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ and as someone who is a survivor of sexual abuse, she tweeted a statement saying, “Yeah he did that BS but the rest of Y’all punk a**es did the WORK 4him 4yo f**kin benefit!” she wrote. “Everyone stood back & watched & did NOTHING! Then so quick to nail Rob 2the cross! Y’all R just as guilty.” She then wrote that R. Kelly was most likely acting from his own trauma. This last part enraged social media users. She later came through with an explanation. “This is why I deleted it. Because not ONE OUNCE of me agrees with what he has done. As a survivor, I have learned that you can’t acknowledge one abuse without the other. It’s all f**ked up!!” She further explained that those who helped R. Kelly recruit young girls for his twisted plans were the targets of her previous tweet. Tamar says she still has some healing of her own to do.