Kevin Hart was originally booked to host the 2019 Oscars Award Show but after decade-old homophobic tweets made by the comedian coincidentally resurfaced around the time that the Oscars made the announcement, he was forced to step down yet the show must go on.

The Academy announced that the show will go on without a host since they refuse to book someone else for the job, this will mark the first time in 3 decades that the Oscars will not have a host, making it very historic for the show. Kevin was asked by the Academy to simply do a public apology or step down when the controversial tweets first made their reappearance onto the social media realm but Kevin refused to apologize just to keep the job and opted for option B. Kevin has since apologized for his tweets but still doesn’t want the job back.

Ellen DeGeneres even went out of her way to ask the Academy to give Kevin the job but Kevin really proved that he isn’t interested at all since he will still be questioned about his old tweets and although hosting the Oscars was one of his dream jobs, Kevin seemingly has no regrets for his decision. The Academy announced that they will replace the host with A-listers filming short skits that will be played before each segment and presenting the awards as the night goes by.