Last year, Shannade Clermont plead guilty to wire fraud after she was a featured model in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 campaign but she will have to wait a while longer before she learns her fate in court.

The model allegedly spent over $20K on a deceased man’s debit card. The case has been going on for months and just when it came time for her sentencing, something came in the way to push back the decision. Curiously enough, that something is El Chapo. It’s not every day that El Chapo and Shannade Clermont grace the same headline. Seriously, we never thought the day would actually come. At last, it’s here and the situation is less absurd than you likely imagine. The Clermont Twin was originally expected to appear in court for sentencing on February 13 but her lawyer requested that the meeting is pushed back. Jeffrey Lichtman is currently working as part of El Chapo’s trial and he cannot begin Clermont’s sentencing until that’s finished.

The judge granted the request, penciling in a new date for the Yeezy model to appear in court: April 4. She is facing a maximum sentence of twenty years behind bars, meaning that every thousand dollars she stole is resulting in one year in prison.