The International Soca Monarch now has a new organizer!

Fay Ann Lyons-alvarez, the only woman to ever win the power soca category of the International Soca Monarch, has been selected as the organizer of ISM, by its shareholders Peter Scoon and Ricky Raghunanan, after Scoon decided to stepped down as chairman.

According to an article by Loop TT, Scoon attested to Lyons-Alvarez character as a “good, loyal soca professional” and says they’re giving her an opportunity to “put her stamp” on the International Soca Monarch.

Scoon also revealed that the ISM will receive funding from the National Carnival Commission but that the figure is still undecided.

This years’ Soca Monarch semi-finals will be held in the Arima Velodrome and finals in the Queens Park Savannah.