Rickie Burnett, a Senior Magistrate in St. Vincent has been appointed as the Acting Master of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court St. Vincent Division, in the High Court.

Rickie Burnett also now holds the position of Vice President of the family court. Burnett was chosen by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and is set to begin his role within the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court on January 14 2019 (today). His role as Senior Magistrate comes 6 years after the vacancy for a Senior Magistrate opened in 2013. Burnett has served the courts in district two which include Biabou, Colonaire, Georgetown and Mesopotamia prior to his appointment and he is expected to take up his new position at the Kingstown magistrate’s court after his swearing-in ceremony.

Rickie is now one step closer to Judgeship given his new appointments.

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