Trinidadian Soca Artist, Benjai, managed to get social media users full attention for the week stemming from his Facebook post on Monday (January 14), where he asked, “If I told you I don’t got long on this earth What would you say! IF I TOLD YOU I GOT CANCER.”

Benjai left fans and onlookers alike assuming that the ‘Do It Again’ artist is currently battling with cancer and his followup posts led his family concerned to the point of calling each other trying to figure out if he really does have cancer. Benjai’s uncle explained that when he got whiff of the posts, he called another family member to ask about the situation and the family member had no idea what was going on either. After a few posts saying that he’s thankful for all the support and ‘I have no regrets’ posts, Benjai’s manager was contacted. Benjai’s manager refused to comment on the questionable posts adding that something will be released on Friday (January 18). Tuesday night Benjai posted, “People I’m Ok there are so many people that need our support! Compassion is needed more today! Look at the response to (WHAT IF)! Ps I’m ok just food for thought!”

The artist intention seemingly is to have folks be more compassionate towards one another. Fans and onlookers alike are waiting to see what will be released on Friday.