Wendy Williams recently took some time off from hosting her show for “health reasons” but now rumors that her husband got his alleged mistress of 10 years pregnant are sparking beliefs that the Gossip Godmother is just sitting at home crying about it all.

Although Wendy sent a cease and desist letter to the original source of the story, many were able to get a peak of the drama beforehand. An old guest of the Wendy Williams Show even reached out in a since-deleted post to help Wendy with her unfortunate situation, that guest being the well known DNA and Lie Detector testing show host, Maury. In Maury’s post directed to Wendy he stated, “Wendy… sounds like you need a DNA and Lie Detector Test! Let me help you find the truth!” Wendy is yet to agree to returning the favor and go on the Maury show to clear the air, but that is an episode fans will definitely look forward to.

The TV host has denied the rumors but it has widely been speculated that her husband, Kevin Hunter, got his alleged mistress pregnant and is seemingly sticking by her denial.