Vincy’s finest Skinny Fabulous has been accused of picking sides in the good natured war of words between soca titans Machel Montano and Iwer George.

Speaking on a Trini radio station Iwer said there are no rules in war and there is no explanation to be given on the matter. Asked whether the musical battle is real, the ‘Water Blessings’ singer said what’s seen on social media should not always be believed and he called on the radio personality to refrain from calling names on air, asking if he had court clothes.

“You know how long I trying to defeat this monster. How I will beg you to do a song with you and I trying to defeat you. He lying… he not telling the truth,” said Iwer when asked whether he had approached Machel Montano to do a song with him as Machel accuses Iwer of doing in his response called Dr. Mashup. Iwer promised he would release a verse on the matter in the week ahead.

Explaining that he has been in the business of Soca for 31 years, the Boss got round to addressing our very Skinny Fab, said he knows the writer behind Machel’s latest musical punch. “I want to send a message to Skinny Fabulous. I want to send him back to St. Vincent on a one way ticket. Skinny is selling guns to the enemy,” said Iwer, almost jokingly. He explained that Skinny’s writing style is known and as such, he immediately knew it was Skinny who had aligned himself with Machel. “They are my bredrens, because he have a tune with Machel, he turn State witness against me. What he write for Machel is what he know about me, so he turn against me,” said George.

Skinny when contacted by Hot97.1 about Iwer’s accusation was mum. He did state, however, that both Iwer and Machel are his FAMALAY!!!!