The contention between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna continues on and now that Rob is dating Chyna’s enemy, Chyna’s listed that as a good enough reason to keep her child away from Rob’s partner.

Blac Chyna got into an altercation with Rob’s new girl, Alexis Skyy. Their past interactions were under scrutiny by Chyna, who may believe the two hooked up while she was still with Rob. Now, according to reports, sources close to Chyna are claiming that she believes Rob is only dating Skyy to get under her skin and it may very well be working. The sources also say that Chyna thinks Skyy is just clout chasing.

Chyna and Rob entered into a court agreement that states neither one can introduce their significant other to baby Dream until after the first six months of an official relationship. Apparently, Chyna isn’t worried because she thinks Rob and Skyy won’t last that long. The 6-month term is becoming more common in custody cases, since the internet has made dating a much more casual process. If Rob and Skyy do stick it out for most of 2019 though, expect Chyna to be displeased with Dream meeting her nemesis.